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I make wheel-thrown functional pottery. My surface patterns are inspired by the world we live in, including both the natural and the designed.


A native New Yorker, I studied at The Rhode Island School of Design and Teachers College, Columbia University. My work in surface design, fashion and manufacturing a line of handbags and accessories has influenced my work in ceramics. My experience teaching at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Teachers College has been a foundation for my Wheel-Throwing and Surface Design Class at Echo Ceramics.


The pieces I make are developed to complement one another and work in flexible groupings. They are intended to become part of daily life but are also designed as stand-alone objects.


My artistic vision is continually evolving but it always intended to reflect a simple, clean and contemporary design aesthetic that is  hopefully timeless.



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Custom and Wholesale Orders are welcome.

Shops and Restaurants and Chefs -- We can work together to develop a custom collection for you that enhances  your unique style.

Designers and Decorators -- We can work together to create functional or decorative one-of-a-kind pieces that will delight your clients.

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