Ceramic Vase, Clay Vase, Contemporary Ceramics, Vase, Blue, White, Grey, Gray, Spritz, Stripe, Matte
Shop Bowls, Ceramic Bowl, Clay Bowl, Contemporary CeramicsBlack, Bowl, Cut Handles, Contemporary
Ceramic Lamp, Clay lamps, Lamp, Torch Lamp, Black, White, Stripe, Spritz
Ceramic and porcelain tumblers and mugs, contemporary design.

Pieces are available in the shop and can also be custom ordered in sets of a few as four. Dinnerware, Bowls, Platters, Mugs and Tumblers are food and dishwasher safe. 

If you live in or near Los Angeles, you can arrange to pick-up your order.

ceramic jar, ceramic urn, clay urn, clay jar, contemporary design, contemporary clay, contemporarty ceramics,Jars, Urns, Grey, Gray, Matte, Spritz
Clay mug, clay cup, ceramic mug, ceramic cup,Mug, Cup, Grey, Gray, Granite Clay, Turq, Aqua, Blue, Spritz
Porcelain plates, porcelain dinnerware, ceramic plates, ceramic dinnerware, place settings, side plate, serving plate, platter, ceramic platter, dinner setting, dinner plte, ceramic dinner plates, contempoerary ceramic designs

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